As more scientific studies are conducted, more innovative ways to treat threatening conditions are being tested every day. And right now, millions around the world have benefited from or know someone who benefited from Stem Cell Therapy, yet it continues to spark controversy year after year. Credit must be given to its amazing healing and proliferation properties, so let’s focus on the facts.


Stem cells are unique cells that have the capacity of self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into different cell types. In a nutshell, stem cells act as the seeds, fertilizer, and the gardener of a garden; they serve as a repair system for the body, dividing without limit to replenish other cells when necessary.


Stem cells have the potential to treat a large variety of health problems, including, but not exclusive to: aesthetics, ligament tears, back pain, meniscus damage, cartilage damage, muscle tears, degenerated joints, nerve injury, joint dysfunction, rotator cuff injury, knee injuries, and tendon tears. They do this by elevating the body’s cell renewal process. When healthy stem cells come into contact with damaged cells, stem cells activate the natural healing properties of one’s own body (growth factors, amino acids and red blood cells), attach to the damaged cells, replenish them, and produce new cells at the same time.


Stem Cell Therapy is a natural, less invasive alternative treatment to surgery with little to no recovery time. It is also safe – with very limited risk involved. Traditional modalities, like corticosteroid injections, tend to only mask the problem and require continual injections that can lead to significant side effects from long-term use. Whereas, Stem Cell Therapy is typically a one-time treatment with long lasting effects and benefits like mobility improvement and full healing of stubborn injuries.

Stem cells used for therapy can be derived several different ways — from a patient’s own adipose tissue or bone marrow, to a carefully and thoroughly screened mother’s umbilical cord at the time of a scheduled Cesarean Section. The cells derived from a mother’s umbilical cord are multipotent and have the potential to repair and rejuvenate several different types of cells in the body.  

With these phenomenal healing properties and minimal risk, Stem Cell Therapy is the treatment of the future.

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