Everyone generally knows and keeps track of their calendar age. Measured in calendar years, our calendar age tells us that year after year, we get older — and with that, there are usually some visible signs of aging. But, what if I told you there’s a new, better and more flexible way to age?

nüber-T has developed a proprietary system that gives men a NEW age – a Bio-Wellness Age. Using this model, instead of measuring how AGED you are, we measure how WELL your body is aging. And, the good news is: you have the power to modify your bio-wellness age dramatically.

We determine your bio-wellness age using a variety of factors, including lifestyle choices, blood levels, and body composition. Unlike calendar age, which is essentially irreversible, your bio-wellness age can be changed with our proprietary men’s wellness plans. These plans include lifestyle modifications, hormone replacement therapy, bone and joint rejuvenation, erection improvements, aesthetics and more.

It is our firm belief that every man should have a wellness plan. Understanding how well your body is aging in its current state can and should inform how your wellness plan is crafted. If you don’t know your bio-wellness age, your current health and wellness activities could be flawed and the reason you’re not seeing the results you anticipated. If you don’t have a wellness plan at all, it’s time to change that.

Without a wellness plan, you are at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases like hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, high cholesterol, and certain cancers. However, it’s never too late to make a change. Making certain modifications to your blood and hormone levels, lifestyle, eating habits and exercise regimen can make a profound difference in your overall health. Not to mention, the lower your bio-wellness age is, the better you will look AND feel.


Our men’s health experts are trained to appraise each man’s unique bio-wellness age. To get the process started, you’ll need to make an appointment for a bio-wellness exam at our private, men’s only nuYOUth.club. Then, after you’ve completed an intake form, we’ll draw your blood in our in-house lab (labs drawn while fasting and before 10:00 AM provide the most accurate results). This lab test will provide the blood levels that will be used to further assess your current health. Next comes an Inbody Scan which will provide the body composition information needed to determine the amount of fat, muscle mass, and water in your body. Finally, one-on-one time with our medical practitioner will conclude the bio-wellness age appraisal process, and you’ll receive your optimized wellness plan!

From start to finish, this process takes approximately 90-120 minutes, and remember — it’s proprietary, so the only way to obtain your bio-wellness age is to make an appointment to come see us at nuYOUth.club.

Knowing your bio-wellness age is great, but it’s also vital to maintain. Follow the wellness plan provided by our medical provider (a treatment plan of medications/therapy/supplements lifestyle modification, nutritional guidelines and a workout plan), and we’ll monitor your progress to make sure you stay on track.

Our main goal at nuYOUth.club is to optimize men’s health and get them healthier. Ready to get started? Call us at (404) 480-5229 to schedule a private bio-wellness assessMENt today.

In good health,
Team nüYOUth.Club