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Look and feel 20-35 years younger with a personalized wellness plan from nüber-T

nüber-T is the first and only medical wellness club offering anti-aging treatment plans exclusively for men.

Most men have no idea what their Bio-Wellness Age is or what it should be. Unlike your Calendar Age which measures how AGED you are in calendar years, your Bio-Wellness Age measures how WELL you’re aging and is measured in Bio-Years.

With a Bio-Wellness Plan from nüber-T, you can change your Bio-Wellness Age dramatically. We’ve developed a proprietary data model to appraise your Bio-Wellness Age and provide detailed wellness plans to make you look and feel 20-35 years younger.

MENbers enjoy full access to our best-in-class amenities:

  • Upscale MENbers-only facility
  • Complimentary co-working spaces
  • One-on-one consultations with practitioners
  • Discreet exam rooms for increased privacy
  • In-house rapid lab testing
    Get results in under 45 minutes
  • Detailed Anti-Aging Wellness Plans
  • Inbody Scan
    Composition of body fat, muscle, etc.
  • Fully-Stocked Wellness kitchen
    featuring fresh and healthy snacks and beverages

Our anti-aging wellness plans include:

Hormonal Optimization
Erection Correction
Medical Weight Loss
VitaMEN IV Cocktails

nüTrition + Exercise + Lifestyle Plans
Natural Bone + Joint Restoration
Natural Hair Restoration
Natural Facial Restoration

Microneedling + FaceLift

Why nüber-T?

We are passionate about improving the lives of MEN and have designed nüYOUth.Club to provide a comfortable and safe space for men to assess their needs, express concerns, and get personalized treatment. Our licensed, medical board-certified clinical staff are dedicated to helping men boost their vitality, combat the effects of aging, and get them in peak physical shape. We are HIPPA compliant and CLIA Certified.


Step 1

Tell us about yourself.
Answer a few questions about your lifestyle, goals, and concerns.

Step 2

Discover your Bio-Wellness Age.
Using our proprietary data model, we appraise your Bio-Wellness Age in under 45 minutes.

Step 3

Review your plan.
Our in-house practitioners then provide a personalized wellness plan to reverse your Bio-Years by 20-35 years.

Step 4

Enter our Bio-Wellness time machine. Become a MENber and enjoy the anti-aging benefits and amenities of our MENbership club.

Want to look and feel younger?

Fill out the form below or call us at (404) 480-5229 to schedule your Bio-Wellness Assessment today.